How does it work?

Three various high-quality LED Lights are able to treat each different skin troubles, such as normal-skin,acne and even atopic dermatitis. The device can emit Red LED(415nm), blue LED (656nm), and infrared LED (830nm). The advantage of LED device is that it has no side-effect and able to do painless treatment on wider area such as face, neck, and even scalp.



  1. The three dimensional structure
    Three-dimensional structure can make LED light focusing to the insice and get the best treatment efficacy.
  2. Combination of LED beam
    Combinations of diverse beam can cure different skin troubles at the same time.
  3. Sufficient space for treatment
    Can treat wider area such as face, neck, and even scalp
  4. Convenient user-interface
    Controllable LED level(fron lev0-lev4). Automatically saving final setting level, so no need to control the level everytime.
  5. Easier storage
    Leg-folding structure able easier storage and tranport.




Yes, the LED is usually going on during calming procedure after other treatments.
It is depends on the status and areas of the patient, usually we recommend 20minutes of treatment.
If you apply the proper solution for the skin status, then treatment efficacy will be higher.

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