All Layered Therapy – ULTRAcel™ Combination

Target all skin layers with a single device to achieve the maximal effect.


1. Transducers with high power

– Creates a coagulation zone of adequate size at a desired depth
– Creates a coagulation zone of over 60℃ in the skin using high power

2. Ensures cartridges with reliable quality

– The cartridges are tested using tissue-mimicking phantoms
– Reliable clinical results are obtained through high quality cartridges

3. User friendly Handpiece

– The handpiece is designed vertically
– Comfortable field of vision and handling during a procedure

How ULTRAcel™ HIFU Works?

Target of ULTRAcel™ HIFU – SMAS

ULTRAcel™ affects skin elasticity and the SMAS layer that supports it, along with the structures above it, to effectively achieve skin lifting and tightening.

Clinically Proven

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